Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Has the Russian Mafia taken over at GOOGLE?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yes it seems that Google is employing Russian Mafia tactics to it's latest DROP of Web sites and directories from it's listings even though they have been online for up to 5 years all of sudden the Russian Mafia at Google has said good bye to many great sites that had enjoined traffic from Google.

And yet fact is these same Russian Mafia types are also still showing data and links to Web sites that don't even exist on any server in the world yet Google claims to have thousands of listing for non existent Web sites.

Removing Web sites that exist and showing web site listings that don't exist. WOW! GOOGLE looks like we're in for a rough ride in 2008-2009

In fact the Russian have a method that requires you to CONFESS to your SINS and if they like and accept your CONFESSION they may consider a reconsideration for a reinclusion. WOW! confess to your sins. This means we are always GUILTY and have to admit to a list of possible violations even if you have no violations. NOW ALL WE NEED IS PROTECTION AGAINST THE GREATEST ENEMY OF THE WORLDWIDE WEB! How much will it cost us. GOGGLE certainly has a GREAT solution if you're not in GOGGLE then pay for it with a nice pricey PAY PER CLICK account. Watch out world the RUSSIANS ARE COMING. AGAIN.


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